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    Healthcare in the Unitied States has become an unprecedented disaster. Thousands die unnessecarily as a result of insufficient treament directly attributable to the cost of healthcare and the need for insurance.

    The profit motive drives healthcare and prevents many people from coverage.  Millions of Americans suffer needlessly from extended illnesses that could have been circumvented with early treatment or they suffer from under treated injuries that heal poorly as a result.

    There are more than 43 million people without healthcare and millions more who are under covered by their policies.

    Corporations move manufacturing facilities outside of our borders to countries with universal healthcare systems in order to defray the cost of healthcare since it costs them more to do business where there is private insurance or HMO healthcare system in place

    It will be far easier to track disease and safeguard against epidemic in a universal healthcare system.

    I wish to ask you to please support a single payer universal health care insurance system. Representative John Conyers (D-MI.) has introduced a bill into the 110th Congress to do just that. It is titled, H.R.676.

    It is the wisest and most moral choice for America.
    We also ask to to support a Constitutional Amendment to guarantee Healthcare for all Americans. Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. introduced a bill into the 107th Congress, House Joint Resolution 30. The full text is as follows;

`SECTION 1. All citizens of the United States shall enjoy the right to health care of equal high quality.

`SECTION 2. The Congress shall have power to implement this article by appropriate legislation.

    This would bring us into compliance with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 25) that guarantees access to health care as a fundamental human right.

    Thank you for taking the time to consider this point of view.


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